Personal Mentoring 


One on One sessions allows you to get the personal help you need on your trading journey. So many traders either don't know where to start or lose hundreds to thousands of pounds before they begin to feel lost and hopeless on their trading journey. This is where I come in to help. Whether your are new to trading or have been trading for a while, my mission is to teach you to trade by helping you learn and understand intraday or swing trading techniques.  Build an account or build back up your account using simple methods.

What you'll receive...


✓ Get 4 one on one sessions schedule at your own convenience to help develop your trading style to fit your trading needs WHY? because it's about you and your needs! It's about your success

✓ Get help building a Trading Plan and Portfolio that is tailored specifically for you

✓ Learn how to build out "your own" analysis without indicators and cluttered charts

✓ Learn how to become a profitable trader step by step over time


Trading Plan


Mentor to Student One on One - Are you discouraged because your trading plan or portfolio has not worked? Maybe you don't have a trading plan or portfolio or know what either is. Once we are done with this session you will walk away feeling like a new person with a fresh blueprint ready to put it to work.

Step by Step Rules Based Plan - Analyse, Journal, and Execute with rules specified in your plan. You're not left in the dark nor overthinking about your next move. I'll help give you directions and guidance step by step.

Understand the Trader in You - Learn how to be your own mastermind. You will learn how to focus on your analysis first before anyone else. This is your business. You will learn how to treat it as your own.

Support & Resistance

up down rangebound market movements (1).jpg

Analyse like an Architecture - You will learn how we use support and resistance and understand why it is important to take this high probability opportunity. This method is not just about levels but about maximising the trades full potential.

Become a Forex Lawyer - What's life without a little pun? I will teach you how to build out a case for your entries and exits in the market. You will leave this session ready to maximise your profits instantly. Learn how to win your cases and beat the odds.

Big Financial Gain in the End - You will learn how to invest in Forex without cutting out your profits. Learn how to declutter your charts and expand your profits.

Trend and Trend lines


Be"In Style" with Price - I will teach you how to keep up with the latest market trend. Find out what direction price is going in and learn how to jump aboard.

Step by Step guidance in Understanding price flow - Get the exact method I use to understand when price is trending or not. The trend is not always easy to predict but you will learn how to identify it and how to take advantage of it.



Trade our most highly requested method - Learn how to properly trade Fibonacci in its simplest form. We use only one Fibonacci tool for entry, target profit, and stop loss. This is my most requested training and also my most profitable amongst those whom I teach and have taught. Step by step directions in how to plot Fibonacci and find the targets and stop loss placement. There is no guessing in how to use this tool. You will learn how to multiply your income instantly with this tool.



only for £399.99 or get 1 year’s mentoring combined with your 3 week Course