You must be 18 years of age in order to open a brokerage account also to trade

When i enrol on the course, Will i be 100% successful within the market?

Although we carry out to ensure the highest probability in terms of technical accuracy and trading longevity is achieved the views of our professional share can change due to the volatility of the market. Therefore we cannot guarantee a 100% success rate to our students as this is beyond the bounds of possibility. A profitable trader will sometime incur losses.

Under what terms am i eligible for a refund?

TheForexCentre share market views and opinions, due to market volatility market circumstances are always open to change. You as a trader are in full control of your own risk within the market. for these reasons we operate a no refund policy, unless in the event that no service is/was provided. You may also be eligible for a refund if there is a technical malfunction, which we can see on our system.

Do we sell signals?

Here at TheForexCentre we do not offer or sell FX signals, as they are proven not to work, what we want is you to utilise you own trading plan and style as well as your own initiative with market breakdown, weekly and daily key levels amongst so much more which is provided by TheForexCentre.

What is a trading account?

A trading account is like a bank account, this is where your money is kept. You use your trading account to place trades onto the market. A funded trading account is required to trade.

What topics are covered on the course?

Week 1

  • Mechanics of the Forex Market
  • Best trading time zones
  • Critical Forex Fundamentals
  • How to use the News in Forex Trading
  • Forex Trader Psychology

Week 2

  • Best trading time zones
  • Applying Technical Analysis in Forex markets
  • Important Forex Chart Patterns
  • Market Breakouts
  • Forex Risk Management

Week 3

  • Putting it all together

What does TheForexCentre course include?

Your Program Includes:

  1. TheForexCentre course manual
  2. 3 Weeks immersive training including a trading strategy
  3. One to One Coaching sessions
  4. 1 Year access for mentoring services